The Moss | London | 22 April 2018

Choreographer: Hediyeh Azma

Choreographering Supervisor: Minako Seki


‘The Moss’ is the result of 5-days-Dance Residency with Minako Seki. The aim of this program was to explored principles of the Seki Method and work towards the creation of a collective site-specific performance focusing on the KE-HEI, a Japanese expression meaning “what is behind us”; that is, a respect for our background, where we come from. This respect holds a kind of mystery and the atmosphere of our secret history.

“This site-specific performance was dealing with environment, space, its function and aesthetics, but also attention to time, space, movement, light, sound and music, created from an emotional tissue or sensations that create resonances between them.”

‘The Moss’ was performed by the group of dance-residents to embody the hidden yet interesting life of this plant.