LETHARGY | London | 15 April 2018

Choreographer & Dancer: Hediyeh Azma

Sound Track: Keyhan Kalhor

Video Projection: Hediyeh Azma

This piece is created specifically for the Footprint Festival at Roehampton University of London


‘Lethargy’ is a dance project reflects upon the earthquake in in Kermanshah, Iran. As a result of this occurrence many families lost their beloved members, their houses and all what was their identity. Inhabitants led a tough life and hardly survived.

“This choreographic piece was called ‘Lethargy’; Because I believe the atmosphere of this poor city is dull; because there is not enough state’s support financially and mentally, the inhabitants have no energy to go forward and ameliorate the situation.” (Choreographer)

To better realise the situation, three mediums of dance, music and video projection are used in this project. Video and its sound helped showcasing and conveying the feeling of an earthquake. The sound track was from a piece composed by Kayhan Kalhor, the famous Iranian Kamanche (Persian String instrument) player. And movement style was a fusion of Iranian and contemporary.