THE CONTRAST |Iran​ |20 May 2012


Choreographer: Hediyeh Azma

Performers: Hediyeh Azma, Farhang Nozad

Storyline: Hoda Arbabi


“Every day I wake up as if the days are on an endless loop. It is not what I imagined about married life” (Performer)

This piece unfolds a narrative about a couple, who passionately started their life together at the beginning of the piece. Through the course of the play their life lose its initial meaning and turns to an exhausting chain of identical days. Isn’t it a similar narrative that we hear/live every day? What are the possible conclusions? Is there any way not to fall in such scenario?

This piece, as the Hediyeh’s first choreographic experience, was a fusion of mime and dance, which successfully gained the “best actress award” from the Point Festival’s jury.