IMKAAN  | Hungary | 26 October 2017

Curator: Hediyeh Azma, Sumedha Bhattacharyya (Collaborative project)

Choreographer, Dancer: Hediyeh Azma

Photo: Sumedha Bhattacharyya





تا زمانی که رسیدن به تو امکان دارد          زندگی درد قشنگیست که جریان دارد (علی صفری)

As long as it’s possible to reach, life is a persistent beautiful pain (Ali Safari)


‘Imkaan’ is an Indo-Iranian collaborative project, which integrates performing and visual arts: dance and photography. Our idea encompasses the concept of Liminality as visualised by cultural anthropologist Victor Turner.​
The idea of in-betweenness, of moments in and out of time, of transition. Such is a commonly witnessed world-wide phenomenon, where everyone and everything is constantly under the socio-political and cultural transition. Transition is inevitable. A similar narrative unfolded in Iran over the past four decades. Dancing is restricted for women. Unlike the other gender, women are not allowed to perform in public.
‘Imkaan’, which means possibility in Persian, tells a story of an Iranian danseuse who travelled abroad and how her BODY undergoes the transitional phase; when it feels detached from all the limits it faces in her context, when it is neither here nor there and also when it finally learns to desire and believe in a mental image of ‘freedom’. The initial idea stemmed upon finding invisible possibility in seemingly impossible situation.